I had the chance to speak with author Imani Wisdom about books, the business of writing, what drives her and what she hopes to show other authors.

1. Imani, tell our readers a little bit about yourself and the kinds of stories you write.

Ive never been good at talking about myself; so Ill say Im shy, yet have a curious fascination with a myriad of cultures and backgrounds leading to my choice of genres, which are Paranormal and Psychological Fiction. Both genres plays into the mind of reader, as well pushing my imagination as far as it can go. Whats more, theyre fun to write with unlimited creativity at my disposal.

2) Tell us about Pink Noire.

Pink Noire has been my brain child for four years. Originally named Wickedly Sweet Ink, I decided to change the name to something that signified sophistication and class. The original name was okay if my work were solely erotica. However, my novelette Zions Road is romantic suspense, and my upcoming debut novel is fantasy. But all of my stories carry some sort of paranormal element some subtle and not so subtle. I also want to be clear that Pink Noire is more than a publishing entity. Its a place for underrated, new, and seasoned talent; opinions about our crippling society; and where self-empowerment is beautys essential. Basically, the pink and black brand represents you and me the women who believe in the possibilities.

3) What are some other projects you have in the works.

I havent written anything new recently, because my all of my focus is into Pink Noire. But my last manuscript is based on two people from different backgrounds, and yet share a dark similarity mental illness. This is not an ordinary love story. It has a hidden mystery into someones past, but it will take a lots of love and support to unlock it and close its door.

4) When you read a new authors work, what do you look for?

Im character-driven, so I want to see how well-developed their characters are. Arguably, if their characters are underdeveloped it hurts the storyline.

5) What are some of the kinds of stories you would like to see more of?

Good question. I would like to see more authors stepping from the status quo and take risks. We cant and really shouldnt assume what readers want. Those assumptions comes with redundancy the same storylines and characters. Writers have active imaginations, and we should go deep inside our cranium and write our actual truth. Forget what Author A or B is doing, and just write.

6) A lot of your work seems to be about uplifting women, especially women of color. Can you talk about that?

Indeed that is true. Many of my leading characters are women of color. Most begin as meek and blossom into their independence; while some starts off as fearless, strong, and highly desirable, and yet convey a subtle self-conscious side. Therefore, the contrast between these characters comes down to one word: self-esteem. You can grow from the shadows of uncertainty and become your own infrastructure; or, hide behind it to convince outsiders. Too little or too much self-esteem can go either way.

7) With work and family I dont imagine you have much time for tv. but what do you enjoy watching.

I dont watch a lot TV, but if I do Ill catch a historical or social documentary, reruns of old sitcoms, and a good ghost story on Lifetime Movie Network.

8)What bit of advice do you know now that you wished somebody had told you before?

I wished a seasoned author with years of experience in self-publishing, would have sat me down to remind me that self-publishing is no different than opening your own business.

To build any business, you need a capitol. The same thing with self-publishing books, it takes money to hire an EXPERIENCED graphic artists for the book cover, money for marketing, and most importantly, a good editor that understands it takes a lot more than copy editing to make a great editing.

Most of authors, including me, call our projects our babies. So Im sure if we want our babies read by the masses, we cannot sell our babies short by cutting corners. And who will catch the lackluster effort? The reader who is also a reviewer.

9)Can you tell our readers where to find your work and your website?

You can find Zions Road: A Love Story about Faith and Redemption on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well its excerpt and my upcoming debut novel, The Journey of Ruthie Belle excerpt on .